📣SEE YOU 9-10.10.2024!📣  




The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce will be a substantive partner and host of debates during the second edition of the COMMON FUTURE Congress for Reconstruction of Ukraine. It is a key organization that brings together companies from many industries building the Polish-Ukrainian economic ecosystem.


The COMMON FUTURE Congress is, on the one hand, a meeting of Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs, but also guests from around the world. It is an opportunity to present the needs and challenges facing Ukraine, its economy and its business, in the difficult environment of the ongoing armed conflict, as well as the challenging road associated with accession to the European Union. It is also an opportunity to present the potential and experience of Polish companies in cooperation with Poland's eastern neighbor.

A unique role in creating an environment of economic cooperation between Poland and Ukraine is played by the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, it will be one of the main substantive partners of the 2nd edition of the COMMON FUTURE Congress for Reconstruction of Ukraine, which will take place on 09-10.10.2024.

The cooperation between PUIG and the MTP Group in the organization of the Congress for Reconstruction of Ukraine has been going on since the first edition, its continuation is a strong proof of the position of the event, which will be held at the MTP grounds in October.

The congress was also held under the patronage of the Ministry of Development and Technology.